Lietuvos pieno gamintojų asociacija |
Asociacijos veiklos tikslai: atstovauti pieno gamintojų interesus santykiuose su valstybinės valdžios ir savivaldos institucijomis ir kitais pieno sektoriaus dalyviais; kurti ir inicijuoti priemones, kurios užtikrintų šalies pieno sektoriaus plėtojimą; skatinti pieno ūkių konkurencingumą; dalyvauti tarptautinėse pieno sektoriaus subjektus vienijančiose organizacijose .
Lietuvos pieno gamintojų asociacija
Lithuanian Milk Producers’ Association
Asociacijai 25 m.
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No future for European milk production without young farmers!
EMB General Assembly with producers from 13 European countries reaffirmed its commitment to fighting for future-proof, cost-covering agriculture (Brussels, 29 April 2021) At their biannual General Assembly, which was an entirely digital event this spring, the long-term survival of European milk production was the main topic for the producers coming together as members of the European Milk...
Gembloux: European dairy farmers elect Sieta van Keimpema as the new President of the EMB
EMB: The Green Deal cannot become a reality without respect for economic and social sustainability At its recent General Assembly, the European Milk Board (EMB) elected current Vice-President Sieta van Keimpema from the Netherlands as its new President. Kjartan Poulsen from Denmark was chosen by the members for the post of Vice-President. In addition, current Executive Committee members Boris...
Europe’s family farmers call for a rejection of the EU-Mercosur agreement
Not just corrections, but a new orientation. We need a trade policy that ensures fair, cost-covering prices, protects the environment, and upholds human rights. In a joint declaration by European farmers, 43 farmer organisations in 14 countries – Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain (incl. Basque Country and...
Dairy farmers from all over Europe calling for an effective crisis instrument!
Discussions about dairy sector at international conference in Montichiari (Montichiari, 15/11/2019) While newly-elected representatives are starting their jobs at the EU institutions in Brussels, dairy-farmer representatives from 15 European countries met yesterday and today in the Italian city of Montichiari near Lake Garda. The discussions about the dairy sector centred around the new...
Heat waves and storms: How are they affecting Europe's dairy farmers?
Many European countries have been dealing with a drought for a few months now. According to the Copernicus service on monitoring climate change, July 2019 was the hottest month since 1880, when periodic measurements were introduced. Especially in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, heat records were smashed.Drought makes things difficult for Europe's dairy farmers. The European...